About Troll i ord

What is Troll i ord? 

«Troll i ord» are tools for language stimulation in kindergarten and school. The tool is based on fairy tales and combines concrete and digital content with narrative voices in over 30 languages.

With the help of Troll i ord, the children will gain an understanding of content and be able to reproduce the content by means of oral narration, visualization, and other methods of communication. They also receive training in elaborating and reflecting by creating their own content. The activities facilitate different forms of work and use different learning strategies.


Teach me Norwegian before school starts

Linguist Margareth Sandvik and others are behind the project Lær meg norsk før skolestart! from Bjerke Bjerke in Oslo. The project has resulted in a method for language stimulation and documentation for use in kindergarten. The method shows how you can work to create a good language environment in the kindergarten – for all children. Troll i ord is based on the experiences from this project.


The framework plan (Rammeplan for barnehagen)

Compare to the framework plan, the kindergarten will promote communication and language. The framework plan also states that the staff in the kindergarten will contribute to linguistic diversity becoming an enrichment for the entire group of children, support multilingual children in using their mother tongue, and at the same time actively promote and develop the children’s Norwegian / Sami language skills.
Rammeplan for barnehagen


Kindergarten is important for children’s development of language skills, whether they have Norwegian or another language as their mother tongue. The fairytale apps, the concretes, and the teacher app in Troll i ord will help the kindergarten promoting communication and language. The narrative voices in over 30 languages, as well as fairy tales originating from different parts of the world, make visible and value linguistic diversity in the kindergarten.


Courses and forums

«Troll i ord – KURS» is intended to secure the staff in the language work in the kindergarten or school and is available as an app for iPad and iPhone, and as an online course for all other platforms.

The teacher get an introduction to how the work with Troll i ord can be carried out in kindergarten or school.
With the help of the course, the entire staff group gets the same introduction to the language tool, and long-term work is ensured by new employees being able to receive the same training at any time using the app.

The course is subscription-based and personal. For full access to the course, the kindergarten or school can create a group subscription and define the number of users. Each user gets their own username and password, and course progression and other settings are saved and linked to the user account.

The course has four modules; observation, preparation, implementation and follow-up with different approaches to expand vocabulary and understanding of concepts. The course refers to specific tasks and examples, and also suggests that the staff and the children themselves help to create parts of the content and build on new activities. Pictures from the process and product can also be uploaded in the course as inspiration for other kindergartens and schools, and as separate documentation to show to parents or others. Through the app, the teacher gets access to a forum area where they can discuss methods and activities with colleagues and others.


Fairy tale

Anchoring various forms of language stimulation in the use of literature is an essential characteristic of Troll i ord. The seven fairy tales in the series are of different origins and the digital content has narrator voices in over 30 different languages.


Troll i ord:

  • has audio files and tasks in many languages
  • is for all children regardless of mother tongue
  • encourages learning with the whole body
  • has been developed in collaboration with a linguist
  • based on Lær meg norsk før skolestart!
  • is the only Norwegian-made toys approved by Svanemerket


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