For parents and guardians

What is «Troll i ord»?
Troll i ord is a tool for language stimulation in kindergarten and primary school. The tool and working methods have been developed based on the competence goals in «Rammeplanen for barnehagen, 2017».

Trolls i ord are based on the use of fairy tales. Anchoring various forms of language stimulation in the use of literature is an essential characteristic of Troll in words.
The digital content in Troll i ord has narrator voices in 32 different languages.

Why are we concerned with the mother tongue and a linguistic diversity in the kindergarten / school?

Linguistic diversity is important for both the individual and society – and with Troll-i-ord we want to offer tools that stimulate and strengthen the linguistic diversity in kindergarten and school.

The children who receive mother tongue support in kindergarten do better academically. It has to do with the fact that it is easier to acquire knowledge in a language you master well, and therefore the mother tongue should be used as a language of instruction.

When we advocate for language stimulation both in the mother tongue and in the second language, we rely on important insights from both national and international research.

There is an established perception that it is easier to learn new languages ​​when the mother tongue is well developed. Skills from one language will be transferred to the other if the environment is stimulating.
In the same way, learning the second language will have a weak development or in the worst case will be hampered, if the mother tongue skills are underdeveloped.


Why are you as a parent / guardian an important resource in language learning?
Parents / guardians can be a very important resource for developing mother tongue skills, not least when it comes to strengthening and following up the interest in the written language.
We hope you will take part in the exploration of Troll-in-words and support the importance of reading and literary conversations.