What fairytale to choose

It can be difficult to know what fairytale to start with if you are new to «Troll i ord», and don`t know the fairytales in the series. We have therefore gathered some tips from kindergartens that have used the tool for several years.


The seven fairytale
The «Troll i ord» series consists of 7 fairytales originating from different parts of the world The Billy goats Gruff, the Peacock and the Raven and the Crocodile and the Fox are short and simple fairytales suitable for all children.
The two Sami fairytales about Stallo and the Underwater Land, as well as The Boy and the North Wind and the Shoemaker Dratewka are longer fairytales that are often more accessible to the elders in kindergarten and to children in school.
However, feedback from Espira Salamonskogen Kindergarten is: «Do not choose fairy tales only based on children’s age.»


Helpful questions to ask:

  • What vocabulary does the child/children have?
  • What will your child/children learn?
  • What interests do they have?
  • What do they need in everyday life / What do they encounter in everyday life?
  • Short fairytales are suitable for everyone.


If one is still uncertain about the choice of fairytale, the tip from Espira Salamonskogen is to start with the fairytale about the Peacock and the Raven. The fairytale captures children of different ages and with different interests. The themes of color and form allow for many different activities where the children get to practice words and concepts they encounter in the kindergarten and in everyday life.
In the «Troll i ord» Peacock and the Raven box there comes a board game. The game is intuitive and engages both the youngest and the older children. The game does not require any prior knowledge or language skills to participate. At the same time, the game offers good opportunities to use the name and link the activity up to the action in the fairytale to trigger conversation and reflection. The tiles in the game have colors, as do the fields on the board. One has to wait for the ride, pull a color chip one by one, and put in the right place to fill their area on the board. The children learn quickly by observing each other. The adult can actively support by naming and repeating, referring to what the peacock and raven did to the colors of the fairytale, thus triggering conversation around the colors and the fairytale story.